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Apply the Lost Art of ROI to Your Finance and Business Strategy

Apply The Lost Art of ROI to Your Finance and Business Strategy

How can you showcase value and ROI effectively when talking about your business- with customers and with stakeholders across the business?

In this episode, our host Melissa Howatson sits down with Ian Campbell, CEO of Nucleus Research, to explore the intricacies of finance collaboration in driving business success. Ian, a Wall Street Journal best-selling author celebrated for his expertise in “the value sale,” offers invaluable insights on integrating sales knowledge and ROI best practices throughout businesses. His approach prioritizes payback and customer satisfaction, providing a comprehensive framework for evaluating decisions and driving success across all facets of an organization.

In This Episode:

  • Leading sales conversations with value propositions and ROI calculations
  • Empowering sales teams with finance insights to articulate the benefits of products or services effectively
  • The significance of collaboration between finance and sales in driving revenue growth and aligning sales strategies with financial objectives
  • Implementing finance collaboration principles across Marketing and Product development to optimize investments and maximize returns