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Building a Finance Tech Stack That Works for Your Organization

Building a Finance Tech Stack That Works for Your Organization

Agility and efficiency are more important than ever for finance teams, which places an outsized importance on the quality of an organization’s tech stack. A good finance tech stack can help you automate tasks, improve visibility into your data, and make better decisions.

But with a plethora of options out there, building and implementing the right tech stack for your organization can be difficult. To help you know what to expect at every step of this journey, Melissa Howatson welcomes William Liang, Managing Director at ProLytics Consulting Group, to the show. Over the past 13 years, William has provided world-class planning and forecasting services solutions in a wide variety of industries, including financial services.

In This Episode:

  • Sorting through a crowded fintech space to find the right option
  • Who to engage with to make tech decisions for your organization
  • Mistakes that can hinder digital transformation efforts
  • Personnel requirements to ensure a smooth implementation
  • How decision-makers should think about integrating their systems

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