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Decoding Market Trends for 2024 With Benjamin Tal

Decoding Market Trends for 2024 with Benjamin Tal

We made it to 2024- not unscathed, but with a new year and fresh outlook on the economy. Yet what created the uncertainties in the markets these past several years is still driving uncertainty. To run our business and our lives, most of us want to know: when will interest rates start to drop? Will employment rates stay strong? And a big question, with big impact: are wage increases on the horizon?

This week our host, Melissa Howatson, gets to ask one of Canada’s leading economists all this and more. Benjamin Tal, Managing Director and Deputy Chief Economist, CIBC Capital Markets Inc., shares his insights, predictions and more.

Discussed in this Episode:

  • Anticipation of normalizing labor markets and the impact on wages
  • The lingering uncertainties in the global markets and the factors contributing to economic unpredictability
  • How AI can affect profitability and long-term business strategies

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