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Finance’s Role in Getting the 1st Down

Finance’s Role in Getting the 1st Down

Picture a football game: the quarterback drops back to scan the field, reads the defense, and fires a pass to an open receiver. Touchdown! Now picture a CFO: the quarterback of a finance team, reading the economic landscape, assessing risks, and making smart, decisive moves that score major wins for their organization.

The parallels between finance and football run deep. Both professions involve teamwork, competition, practice, adaptability, and pressure. To unpack the similarities, Melissa Howatson and Tom Seegmiller welcome Dan Crumb, CFO of the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, to the show. As Dan explains, football and finance might be different, but success in both requires the same ingredients.

In This Episode:

  • How finance and football approach team-building
  • The equivalent of winning a Super Bowl in finance
  • What we can learn from coaches about rallying our teams
  • Keys to effective communication and teamwork
  • Why both types of teams must plan for every scenario

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