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Hidden Threats: The Role of the CFO in Privacy and Security | Joe Oleksak

Joe Oleksak

CFOs wield significant influence in safeguarding a company’s financial data, but entrusting cybersecurity solely to their CIOs may jeopardize privacy and open the door to data breaches.

As Partner at Plante MoranJoe Oleksak advises businesses on cybersecurity, IT audit, and technology compliance. He has more than twenty years of information systems security and information technology audit experience in financial institutions, including banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, and insurance companies. In this episode, Joe and host Melissa Howatson discuss the role CFOs play in protecting financial data against cyber threats, and how they can partner with CIOs and CEOs to build a holistic cybersecurity operation that prioritizes culture and processes as much as technology.

Learn how important the CFO is to modern cybersecurity risk management, and the steps CFOs should take to protect their organizations against privacy and security threats.

Discussed In This Episode:

  • The evolving cyber threat landscape, and how hacker attacks are gaining strength
  • Why people and processes are just as important to cybersecurity as technology
  • How CFOs, CEOs, and CIOs should work together to create a holistic approach to cybersecurity
  • Proactive strategies for CFOs to safeguard their organizations and mitigate risk
  • The difference between privacy and security, and why understanding this difference is so important to protect financial data

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