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How Finance Teams Will Evolve in the Coming Year

How Finance Teams Will Evolve in the Coming Year

The new year is quickly approaching, and after 2023 being the year of AI, and economic uncertainty, who knows what 2024 will bring. With more uncertainty on the horizon, including inflation and interest rate fluctuations, predicting the financial landscape in 2024 is a tricky proposition. Nevertheless, preparing for the road ahead is a crucial component of a CFO’s role.

Hosts Melissa Howatson and Tom Seegmiller break down their predictions of not only the future of finance but also how finance teams will adapt and evolve in 2024.

In this Episode:

  • Interest rates, inflation, the funding climate, and a potential recession
  • How geopolitical uncertainty will impact the finance world
  • AI and how it will influence the reallocation of tasks and talent
  • The rise of efficiency and operational excellence
  • The ongoing importance of organizational design

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