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Key Attributes of an A-Player Growth CFO | Vinny Prajka

Vinny Prajka

What makes an exceptional, growth-driving CFO?

Vinny Prajka might know better than anyone. Vinny has worked with dozens of CFOs in his role at JMI Equity, where he helps portfolio companies accelerate growth and navigate operational challenges. Vinny also sits on multiple boards, and formerly held two CFO positions himself, at both SonaCare Medical and BlackBaud Inc.

In this episode, Vinny talks to host Melissa Howatson about the best CFOs he’s worked with, and the qualities these A-players all have in common.

Discover how, as a CFO, you can help drive growth in your organization, demonstrate exceptional leadership, effectively communicate with investors and become the driving force behind business performance.

Discussed In This Episode:

  • The delicate balance between growing an organization and managing costs, amidst economic uncertainty
  • The importance of the CFO’s relationships, particularly with the CEO and the Board of Directors
  • Creating and communicating alignment between the CEO and CFO
  • Why CFOs need to think with a zero-based budgeting mindset to assess and reassess the value of every position in their business
  • The value of a long-range plan (LRP), and how often a CFO should update theirs

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