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New CFO Checklist: The First 90 Days | Tom Seegmiller

Tom Seegmiller

A CFO is expected not only to lead financial reporting and the Office of Finance but also to provide strategic insights and strategy that propel the business forward. As a new CFO, you might feel eager to start doing the latter as soon as possible. 

But you don’t need to build your long-term strategy in the first few months on the job. When starting a new role as a CFO, your first 90 days should focus on learning about the organization and its members, building relationships across the business, and setting a long-term vision. Only then can you start making big changes and building a roadmap for the future. 

Tom Seegmiller, CFO of Texada Software provides his five-bullet checklist for new CFOs. Tom reflects on what it’s like to navigate the first 90 days – both professionally and personally – and offers practical tips for anyone taking on a new CFO role. 

Learn how spending time in the trenches can help you better understand the business and secure some quick wins. Once you have a full understanding of the work your colleagues are doing and how each department operates, you’ll be in a much better position to create long-term strategic value for the organization.

Discussed in This Episode 

  • The value of building relationships and goodwill with stakeholders and partners across the business
  • How to make yourself an invaluable partner to your CEO and other members of the C-Suite
  • Assuming best intent, keeping an open mind, and demonstrating an eagerness to help your colleagues
  • Aligning your vision to organizational and business goals
  • Why mentorship matters throughout your career, even as CFO

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