Navigating the CFO-CEO-Board Relationship

In today’s business landscape, the relationship between the CFO, CEO, and Board of Directors is a pivotal axis that can either drive an organization to new heights or lead it astray.

To better understand the intricacies of this relationship, Melissa Howatson and Tom Seegmiller enlist the help of someone with a unique point of view: Kim Eaton, Operating Managing Director at Vista Equity Partners. Kim has served as both a CEO and a board member, giving her unique insights into what causes this relationship to flourish (and what makes it fall apart).

Join us as we discuss:

  • How CFOs can help build a shared trust with their CEO and board
  • Tips for managing a productive board meeting
  • Handling disagreements in a way that preserves relationships
  • The importance of pre-meeting touch points (e.g. the board dinner)
  • Traits of the most effective CFOs from the board’s perspective

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