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Selling the Story: One CFO Recounts the Journey Post IPO

Selling The Story: One CFO Recounts The Journey Post IPO

An IPO is a major milestone in the history of any company. But what happens after the debut?

A company’s life after an IPO can be a broad and significant shift – from cultural transitions to systems and process changes that impact everyone from entry and mid level employees to executives in the C-suite – including the CFO. Melissa Howatson and Tom Seegmiller sit down with Sukaran Mehta, Chief Financial Officer at global learning platform Docebo as he traces the company’s post-IPO journey.

In This Episode:

  • Understanding and selling the company story
  • Adapting new day to day systems and processes
  • Helping employees acclimate to a new culture
  • Nurturing and growing relationships with investors
  • Advice for CFO’s post-IPO

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