Podcast: The CFO Show

Finance’s Role in Getting the 1st Down

Picture a football game: the quarterback drops back to scan the field, reads the defense, and fires a pass to an open receiver. Touchdown! Now picture a CFO: the quarterback of a finance team, reading the economic landscape, assessing risks, and making smart, decisive moves that score major wins for their organization. The parallels between…

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People Metrics That Matter

Businesses today spend an average of 52% of their budget on their workforce. Some go as high as 70%. The expense is worth it, of course, as the only way to true financial success is by having the right talent. But given this enormous cost, it’s worth…

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Avoid the Pitfalls of Year-End Financial Close

As each year draws to a close, CFOs are gearing up for one of the most critical tasks in their financial calendar: the year-end financial close. There are key areas to focus on and best practices to ensure this process goes smoothly… but what happens…

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Building a Finance Tech Stack That Works for Your Organization

Agility and efficiency are more important than ever for finance teams, which places an outsized importance on the quality of an organization’s tech stack. A good finance tech stack can help you automate tasks, improve visibility into your data, and…

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Navigating the CFO-CEO-Board Relationship

In today’s business landscape, the relationship between the CFO, CEO, and Board of Directors is a pivotal axis that can either drive an organization to new heights or lead it astray.

To better understand the intricacies of this relationship, Melissa…

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The CFO’s Path to the CEO’s Office

Every career path is unique. For many CFOs, though, their paths share a common destination: the CEO’s office. What does the journey from CFO to CEO look like?

This transition requires more than mastering the balance sheets. Being a CEO demands a…

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5 FP&A Trends That Have Defined 2023

2023 has been a year defined by uncertainty. This trend is a driving force behind the decision making of FP&A teams, as they aim to create more agile and dynamic operations in the face of constant change. But uncertainty is only one FP&A trend…

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2024 Annual Budget Planning

2023 was a roller coaster for finance professionals, and with a potential recession looming, the storms don’t look to calm down anytime soon. This means annual budget planning takes on an added importance as they look ahead to 2024.

Melissa Howatson…

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Better Business Partners: Finance and the Office of the CIO

There’s an underrated skill that seasoned CFOs have mastered: forging partnerships with other C-suites across the organization. One of the most vital partners for finance teams is the Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO). Together, these…

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Driving Finance Innovation with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the finance industry, empowering CFOs and finance teams to drive innovation and adapt to new market conditions with speed and efficiency. But for as widely discussed and debated as AI has been recently, best…

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