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Strategic Finance and Investments: More Than Just Trade Offs

Strategic Finance and Investments: More Than Just Trade Offs

Finance holds a unique and pivotal vantage within a company or organization, and is much more than checks and balances. Finance is at the heart of optimizing the financial and operational performance of the organization on the whole and helps to guide leadership in making impactful strategic investments and aligning financial strategies with business vision and goals.

In this episode, hosts Melissa Howatson and Tom Seegmiller get to the heart of strategic finance as they discuss investments, priorities and trade offs.

In this Episode:

  • Aligning investments with the business roadmap and priorities, focusing on areas such as headcount, technology, ESG, and supply chain
  • Strategies for defining and implementing impactful initiatives to bridge gaps and drive the business priorities
  • The crucial interplay between finance and overall business strategies, involving tough decision-making, open communication, and prioritization discussions