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Strategies for Scaling Finance Operations | Andy Young

Andy Young

As your business grows, you may feel a lot of pressure to meet increasing operational demands. However, investing in new resources brings the company additional risk, especially in times of economic uncertainty. How do you strike the right balance between prioritization, creating operational efficiencies and hiring?

Andy Young, CFO at Horwich Farrelly, has led finance teams through multiple acquisitions and periods of high growth. In this episode, Andy and host Melissa Howatson discuss how to scale up finance operations amongst global economic shifts. Their conversation focuses on re-evaluating the traditional financial framework and implementing innovative strategies as technologies advance and business structures become more complex.

Learn how to approach seasons of high growth and lead your team through major business changes.

Discussed in This Episode:

  • The challenges of scaling up and practical solutions to address them
  • How to lead and inspire a finance team through business and economic changes
  • What to do when there’s a misalignment between resources and growth plans
  • Automating processes to trim down operations while you scale up
  • The importance of a dedicated team during acquisitions

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