The Future of Finance Leadership


Market volatility in the last few years has shifted the business landscape. We’ve gone from a “growth at all costs” mindset, to one that is hyper-focused on efficiency.

This shift has had a huge impact on the Office of Finance. In this episode, recorded as a keynote onstage at Excelerate Finance 2024, host Melissa Howatson and Vena’s Director of FP&A, Thomas Krolak, discuss the ways the CFO’s role has evolved, as well as changes that are yet to come.

Learn what the future of finance holds, and what strategic finance leaders can do to unlock the potential in their people and data as they contend with unprecedented challenges.

Discussed In This Episode:

  • Disruptive forces that are changing the way businesses operate
  • How the scope of the finance team is growing as businesses re-prioritize efficiency and productivity
  • New ways FP&A leaders can use their skillsets to uncover business opportunities
  • Anticipated investments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), and how new technologies will strengthen FP&A insights

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