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The CFO’s Path to the CEO’s Office

Every career path is unique. For many CFOs, though, their paths share a common destination: the CEO’s office. What does the journey from CFO to CEO look like?

This transition requires more than mastering the balance sheets. Being a CEO demands a unique blend of strategic vision, leadership finesse, and a fearless appetite for risk. To give us a firsthand perspective of this shift, host Melissa Howatson welcomes Lincoln Greenidge, CEO of Sandfire Resources America Inc. Lincoln, who’s spent 35 years climbing the ranks of finance and FP&A across six industries, shares the opportunities and challenges that arose as part of his transition from CFO to CEO.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The new skills CFOs need to succeed as CEO
  • Unforeseen challenges that new CEOs should watch out for
  • How leadership styles evolve in your new role
  • Specific areas of development CFOs should focus on

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