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Ready, Set, IPO: Preparing for Your Public Offering | Donna Dellomo

Donna Dellomo

Amid uncertain market conditions, many companies are adopting a cautious “wait and see” stance regarding their initial public offering (IPO) plans. However, instead of delaying, proactive planning for an eventual IPO launch is essential. By preparing in advance, companies can capitalize on market opportunities, mitigate risks, and position themselves strategically for a successful public offering when market conditions stabilize. 

Donna Dellomo, Former EVP and CFO and Current Senior Strategic Advisor for Lovesac, has helped three companies go public throughout her long career leading finance teams. In this episode, Donna discusses how she built data-driven finance operations and prepared her teams to operate as public companies – long before they actually were. Donna’s experiences highlight the importance of investing in technology and establishing the right controls to ensure a healthy public offering, as well as how adaptability can help keep your valuation high.

Learn what meticulous planning and organization it takes for IPO readiness. While you can’t control when market conditions will shift in your favor, you can ensure you and your finance team are ready when they do. 

Discussed in This Episode

  • Key factors to consider when timing your IPO
  • Why building the right team of advisors (bankers, lawyers, auditors, investor relations, etc.) is key to fundraising and storytelling
  • The role of agile planning and scenario forecasting in your IPO-readiness strategy.
  • How Donna and her team navigated unprecedented macroeconomic shifts, such as COVID, supply chain disruption, and tariffs
  • Leveling up as a CFO by learning to communicate with the Street and spearhead investor relations
  • Cultural differences that arise once you go from private to public, and how to stay true to your company values

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